WiFi Networks

Public or Private?

WiFi Networks

Wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi access points is now commonplace at work, home and in public places. WiFi Access Points (WAPs) come in a wide variety of configurations to meet the needs of business. Securlock has deployed thousands of WAPs in challenging outdoor scenarios, as well as office environments.

Guest WiFi

Guest Wi-Fi allows visitors to your organisation or home access to the internet without sharing your primary password. It keeps your files, data and personal information safe while guests surf the internet, check email and stream.

Guest Wi-Fi solutions also provide an additional layer of security in case your guests bring an infected device. Furthermore, connecting your smart home devices to a guest network gives limited access to available data in the event your smart home products are compromised by hackers.

Corporate WiFi

All business today, no matter their size, rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. More and more businesses are allowing staff to use their own devices (BYOD) such as smart phones to connect to the business’ WiFi. From a security perspective this can be a problem. Running and maintaining a secure corporate Wi-Fi is critical in preventing any security risk to the network. Securlock has the expertise to help navigate your business through the mind field of corporate Wi-Fi. 

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