Home automation

Personalised Home Automation Solutions

Securlock’s smart home technologies allow seniors and people with disabilities to live in their home longer, providing support without robbing independence or dignity.

Limit Chores

Smart Control

Windows, gates, or garage doors can be opened or closed, blinds adjusted, doors locked or unlocked and lights and air conditioning can be controlled from a client’s bed or armchair.

Fast Response

Voice Control

With the integration of a Smart Speaker such as Amazon Alexa or Google Nest, you will have the ability to control your home automation devices using voice commands, turn on or off lights, music, or close your blinds. Set verbal reminders for medication or appointments.

Reduce risk

Enhanced Security

View and communicate with visitors to the front door from anywhere within or away from the house and if required. Use the same devices to unlock the door.

Never Alone

Remote Check

Securlock home automation technology can be programmed so family members and carers can remotely lock the doors, if the elderly person has forgotten to do so.


Home automation

Z-Wave is a wireless home automation technology that allows you to control most of your household appliances and lighting.

With thousands of Z-Wave products available, Z-Wave is by far the World’s most popular home automation technology. From controlling your locks, household appliances and high definition cameras, a single Z-Wave controller can manage it all for you.

Controlling your heating and cooling has never been more simple.  Z-Wave remote-controllable thermostats allow you to save on heating and cooling bills.

With the right advice and expertise, its easy to turn your home or business into a Smart home or business.

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