Based in Ballarat, Securlock is a local technology company, specialising in the installation and maintenance of  Home Automation, Security Cameras,  the Alarm Systems, as well as the sales and service of Avaya phone systems. We service residential and commercial businesses in the Central Highlands, Greater Bendigo, Geelong, and Hamilton regions.

Our trained and certified technicians are dedicated to provide our customers with reliable service.

Using our Home Automation technology we are able to provide specialist solutions in a number of industries such as;

  • Holiday Rental Accommodation– Keyless entry for guests on arrival with date and time limits to ensure security
  • Independent Living– Control appliances wirelessly from inside or outside your home. Turn on or off lamps, fans, heaters, etc using your smart device. You can remotely switch on a bedroom light from in bed, or view a camera on your smart device to see who is at the front door, before remotely unlocking the door
  • Irrigation-In bush fire prone areas, have the ability to remotely turn on a sprinkling system to wet down your roof or areas surrounding your house
  • Home Entertainment– With the introduction of Amazon Alexa you can voice control your home to play your favorite music, manage different zones within the home, close or open the blinds and control your Smart TV.

Securlock provides a wide range of Security Cameras and Alarm System solutions to both residential and commercial business. Utilising the latest technology, we can provide you or your business with a high-level security setup and service.

Just as our equipment comes in a range of shapes and sizes, the security requirements of each individual can vary dramatically. Our experts can assess your individual requirements and provide a tailored package to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Securlock is an authorised Avaya phone system dealer. with over 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Securlock is well place to provide businesses with a reliable and cost effective telecommunications solution.

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