Assisted Living

Home automation for the aged

If you have an aging loved one, you have probably thought a lot about all of the options that can help them stay in their home longer and more safely. Some seniors who might otherwise be able to live at home longer go to aged care much earlier than anticipated. Others, without help or resources might stay home alone doing tasks that are increasingly difficult or potentially dangerous for them to achieve.
Home automation technologies are now making it possible for more aging adults to live at home alone longer. Using Securlock’s assisted living home automation technology, we can fully upgrade any home, integrating sensors and appliances so the entire home can be controlled and made accessible at the single touch of a button. It can even be voice activated if necessary via state-of-the-art voice-recognition devices.

As we age, it can be difficult to answer the door in a timely manner, and for some, an unknown person at the door may present as a potential safety risk. Securlock’s home automation will allow the householder to view and communicate with the person at the front door from anywhere within or away from the house and if required, can use the same devices to unlock the door.

Lights and air conditioning can be controlled, windows and gates can be opened or closed, doors locked or unlocked and blinds adjusted, from a client’s bed or armchair.

Securlock home automation technology can be programmed so family members and carers can remotely lock the doors, if the elderly person has forgotten to do so.

A device can be worn so that an SOS alert can be automatically sent to loved ones and/or a carer, at the press of a button should an emergency ever arise.

For family members, home security and home automation technologies can provide greater insight into the wellbeing of their loved one. Sensors can alert unusual or lack of activity which can facilitate help sooner in the event of an emergency. Security cameras allow caregivers to gain additional insights such as level and types of activity, identify hazards, and much more.
Smart home technologies allow seniors to live in their home longer, providing support without robbing independence or dignity.

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