ZME Z-Wave USB Transceiver


Quick Overview


UZB1 – the world smallest Z-Wave Plus USB Stick.

UZB1 is a wireless Z-Wave transceiver which connects a PC, MAC or Linux computing platform to a wireless Z-Wave network via USB port.

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems
  • Supports and powered by USB 2.0/3.0
  • Firmware upgrade functionality
  • Support all Z-Wave certified devices in AUS/NZ/BR frequency of 921.42MHz
  • Z-Wave Plus certified
  • Design and made in Germany
Product Details


Smart Home Controller?software is required to use UZB1 and can be purchased from various manufacturers around the world. This software must be compatible with Sigma Designs?Serial API and have proper Sigma certification to manage and use Z-Wave devices from various manufacturers. This transceiver works with all certified Z-Wave?devices with the same RF 921.42 MHz regardless of the manufacturer or date of origin.

Compared to the standard firmware design used by almost all Z-Wave USB Sticks and other Z-Wave Host Interface hardware, the UZB firmware offers several extensions and enhancements:

  • Backup and recovery function including network topology
  • Optimized transmitting queue handling to speed up transmitting process
  • Firmware update from the OS level in the field
  • Trusted Platform module applying strong encryption
  • Extended Wakeup Notification
  • Handling to extend battery life time of battery operated devices in the network

The device implements a virtual serial interface used by the Z-Wave application. Linux and Mac OSX has a built in device driver for the stick and will create a new device named like /dev/cu.usbmodemfa131 (OSX) or /dev/ttyACM0 (Linux). Windows enumerates a new COM device but may ?require a device driver uzb.inf available below.

If you want to runZ-Way Z-Wave Plus certified softwarewith your ZME UZB1 transceiver to achieve the full Z-Wave gateway, please purchase the Z-Way licence key here atZwaveEurope.comonline shop and follow the procedure to install the licence on your ZME UZB1 transceiver.