VISION Z-Wave D/W Sensor 4in1


Quick Overview


The?Vision 4 in 1Z-Wave D/W Sensor?is a small, battery powered, magnetic sensor capable of detecting when a door/window is opened as well as changes in?humidity, light and temperature. ?This sensor is a Z-Wave enabled device (interoperable, two-way RF mesh networking technology) and is fully compatible with any Z-Wave Plus enabled network and its security framework. ?Vision 4 in 1Z-Wave D/W sensor??sends Z-Wave signal when door or window is opened or closed or there is a humidity, temperature, luminance change.

  • Completely wireless
  • Door/Window, humidity, temperature and illuminance sensor in one device
  • New Z-Wave 500 series chip supports over-the-air firmware updates
  • Low battery LED indicator
  • Easy installation
Product Details


The?Vision 4 in 1Z-Wave D/W Sensor?includes?a smart magnetic door/window sensor consisting of two magnetic units, one is placed on the moving part of the door or window and the other on the frame. The sensor expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors.

When the sensor is triggered it can send binary ON/OFF commands wirelessly using a Z-Wave enabled (AUS/NZ version 921.42 MHz) transmitter to assigned controllers, switches, dimmers, blind controllers, fans, power boards, locks etc. The sensor can be used to automatically turn on lights, turn wireless switches ON/OFF and for security applications within the Z-Wave network as well as monitoring whether any doors or windows are open to ensure that your air-conditioning is not operating when it is not efficient to do so.

The?Vision 4 in 1Z-Wave D/W Sensor?also reports temperature , humidity and illumination changes to the associated Z-Wave gateway which can be used to improve the efficiency of your smart home.

Featuring the new Z-Wave 500 series chip the?Vision 4 in 1Z-Wave D/W Sensor?supports higher data transfer rates (9.6/40/100kbps) as well as over-the-air firmware updates meaning it is always operating with the most advanced firmware available.

Integrates with Australian Z-Wave certified (921.42MHz) controllers including:

  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Fibaro Home Center Lite
  • Homeseer

Please note:?This product is also partially compatible with Vera Lite/3/Edge. It can function as a light/temperature/humidity sensor but not as a door/window sensor. This is a known issue and Vera is currently working to resolve it.

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