RF 433MHz to Z-Wave Bridge


Quick Overview

RFXtrx433E USB 433.92 MHz transceiver with antenna

If you would like?Vera?or Homeseer to work with non Z-Wave wireless home automation equipment (such as the LightwaveRF devices, Oregon Scientific Weather Stations and others) then look no further than the RFXCOM RFXrtx433E USB. This unit gives you the ability to communicate with a largest number of sensors and controlled devices that operate within in the 433Mhz spectrum.?It includes a hardware extension and additional firmware to enable it to support?Somfy wireless blinds (RTS). The extended functionality is already supported in Domoticz, Homeseer and the VERA RFX plugin.

  • Supports a huge range of 433MHz devices and sensors
  • Enables easy access to LightwaveRF network set-up and device control
  • Extended version – features support for?Somfy Wireless blinds
  • USB supports all computers, Z-Wave gateways and home automation software
  • Standard USB interface
  • Supports the largest range of sensors and actors
  • Supported by many Home Automation solutions
  • Easy integration in any application
  • Flash memory for firmware updates
  • CSMA-CA technology to avoid RF collisions.
  • Design and made in Holland
Product Details

There are various manufacturers who offer wireless sensors and actors for the home automation. These manufacturers very often using proprietary protocols to pass measurements and/or action directions.?Due to this factor it is quite complicated to get them working together.

The RFXCOM transceiver is solution for this problem. The RFXCOM transceiver will connect 433 RF most sensors and actors with almost every computer program. Sensors collect information whilst actors activate an action. In order to run a process automatically it is necessary to have scenarios. One item of sensor information, or a combination there of, leads to the developing of a script thus creating intelligent management. The creativity of the manager in combination with the available points of measure and action determine what can be realized in the domains of security, comfort, energy and care.?In order to process a script one needs a computer with the correct program. Again there is a variety of software available. These software programs vary greatly in operating system, price and level of function.?There is a solution for every budget, whether you opt for shareware, a professional solution or a DIY project.?RFXCOM offers the solution in translating the wireless messaging traffic from sensors and actors of different manufacturers to standardized information, which then is exchanged with the relevant software.

RFXtrx433E USB 433.92 MHz transceiver is compatible with 433 Sensors brands:

RFXtrx433E USB 433.92 MHz transceiver is compatible with 433 devices from these brands:

  • ANSLUT, BBSB, Blyss, Brennestuhl, Chacon, COCO, DI.O, ELRO, Energenie, Eurodomest,?HomeEasy,?Impuls, Intertechno, Kambrook,?KlikAanKlikUit
  • LightwaveRF, Livolo, Mercury, NEXA, Phenix, Proove, RisingSun, Sartano, Siemens, X10, XDOM dimmers/switches
  • Byron SX, SelectPlus chime
  • A-OK, BOFU, Ematronic, Hasta, RAEX, Rohrmotor24,?Rollertrol, Somfy, Yooda blinds/awning motors
  • Harrison, Forest curtain motors
  • Kingpin,Media Mount,Proluxx projection screens
  • Avidsen,Chacon,NEXA,Flamingo,Blyss,Proove smoke detectors with?siren
  • Mertik Maxitrol fire place
  • Aoke relays
  • TRC02 RGB, MDREMOTE LED strip controller
  • Smartwares radiator valve

Please Check the RFXtrx User Guide for the full list of supported sensors and devices.