REMOTEC Z-Wave Adv Remote


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The DHS Z-Wave Advanced Remote (manufactured by Remotec) is capable of creating and controlling a Z-Wave network as well as acting as a secondary controller to an IP Gateway (like Vera 3/Lite).

  • Control devices individually or in groups using preset scenes(up to 12 scenes)
  • 1 year battery life
  • Compatible with most Z-Wave enabled devices
  • Supports multi-channel devices
Product Details


The?DHS?Z-Wave Advanced Remote?is a smart Z-Wave controller designed to operate as either a primary controller, capable of creating and managing its own Z-Wave network, or a secondary controller to an IP Gateway (like Vera 3/Lite).

The?DHS Z-Wave Advanced Remote?works with almost all Z-Wave enabled devices including; binary switches, dimmers, thermostats, door locks, binary or multi-level sensors. Users can control their Z-Wave enabled devices individually or through ?Scene? control. A scene is a collection of Z-Wave devices configured to user-preferred settings, levels, modes or operating conditions which can all be activated with a single command.

The?DHS Z-Wave Advanced Remote?is also equipped with a backlit LCD screen and an intelligent Self Navigated Button (SNB) system. Users can setup and operate their Z-Wave devices using this remote, and enjoy a networked, wireless home automation system anywhere at home.

Works with Z-Wave enabled devices such as:

  • Thermostats (DHS Z-Wave Thermostat ZTS-110)
  • Door Locks (VISION Z-Wave Deadbolt)
  • Window Drapes/Blinds/Shades (DHS Z-Wave Tubular Motor Controller)
  • Dimmers (FIBARO Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer and DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer)
  • Switches (DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Single Switch,AEOTEC Z-Wave In-Line Switch and?Fibaro Z-Wave In-Wall Single Switch)
  • Most split type air controllers (via REMOTEC Z-Wave A/C Controller)

This product integrates with Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave controllers:

  • Vera 3/Lite

Please note:?This device is not compatible with Aeon labs dimmers.

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