Neo Cloud Lock Gen 2


Free yourself from keys!
Easy DIY installation. Secure your home or office with your smartphone or access via the web portal.

Offering a backlit touch screen keypad, users have the option of entering a passcode, mobile key or RFID tag, or online unlock to access the door. The Neo Cloud also includes 2 mechanical keys.

Access entry logs and manage user settings wherever you are. Set start and end times & date, multi-level permissions, and even revoke access all from your App.

Automate it with extra options such as Open API and auto execute options

Featuring ‘automatic locking’ and also logging all entries, you can collect the records and even have push notification sent directly to you. You can feel safe knowing who is accessing your lock and when! Other options available ‘free passage’ with set times to execute.

All these features and more are capable with the Neo Cloud + S1 Gateway (*internet required)



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