FAKRO Wind Sensor


Quick Overview

When installed in conjunction with theFAKRO?ZWMP Weather Module, the?FAKRO ZWD Wind Sensor?is a convenient device that?s designed to detect extreme wind changes. When mounted on a rooftop area, it can record wind speeds and notify any Z-Wave compatible windows to close upon reaching high speeds.

  • Easy-to-install in conjunction with the FAKRO ZWMP Weather Module
  • Automatically detects wind speeds
  • Closes Z-Wave compatible windows upon detecting a certain wind speed threshold (40kmph)
Product Details

When unpredictable weather changes occur, the?FAKRO ZWD Wind Sensor?system can automatically close windows to protect your home. When installed with the?FAKRO Z-Wave ZWMP Weather Module, the?Wind Sensor?can be used to detect wind speeds and communicate with any Z-Wave compliant window installations when the?wind treshold of 40kmphhas been reached. Upon detecting high levels of wind (above 40 kmph), the?Wind Sensor?will communicate via radio frequency and close any associated motorized windows around the home. Through smart inclusion with your home?s existing Z-Wave Network, the Wind Sensor can easily be installed alongside other automated devices in order to work together.

Simply mount the?FAKRO ZWD Wind Sensor?on a suitable rooftop area and connect it (wired) to theFAKRO ZWMP Weather Module, which will allow all allocated windows to directly communicate with the Weather Module and Wind Sensor.

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